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Thread: welcome to sidewalk - please read...

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    Default welcome to sidewalk - please read...

    Popular threads to avoid having a load of stickies at the top...

    1. Continually updated footage links - post anything you find here and sooner or later, the best footage one will be updated, eventually.
    2. Continually updated photos.
    3. Personal footage of you and your mates learning flatground kickflips.
    4. Personal photos of said mates / self.
    5. Pointless topics and random gibberish.
    6. MUSIC!

    Any more recommendations/suggestions, let us know and one of us moderyuppies will sort it out, eventually...

    Basic rules
    - Use the search button before you ask what that tune in WFTW or Lost and Found was, or when the OG DVD will arrive. There's billions of topics here which will give you the answer.

    - If you're new and looking to be sponsored, it's always a fantastic idea to make a rate me thread - see item no. 4 above...

    - No porn. The odd nipple is acceptable, but please put a 'NSFW' warning in the thread title beforehand or if in a regular post, post a link to the image instead with an NSFW warning. What is defined as porn IS subjective but will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderators.

    - Though not a prerequisite of joining this forum, a firm grasp of Alan Partridge, the mythology and the quotes will always be appreciated.

    - Fuck off with Slipknot and heartagrams.

    - And don't even think about writing in textspeak - learn to write and type properly you illiterate cretin.
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