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    We need the support for a long overdue indoor skate park which is planning to open its doors in June 09, it will be in Brierley Hill in West Midlands to replace the lost indoor park Ramparts Stourbridge. Please give us your support to get this off the ground by signing our online petition link can be found at

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    who what why when.

    I'm all for new parks and usually sign these things but whats the deal?

    Are there any decent indoor parks that are run successfully by local authorities?

    ninja edit;
    We intend to open an indoor skate park to attract the local children of the community to come and use the facilities within a safe and secure indoor environment.
    The premises and location in question without doubt lends itself ideally to the type of facility we are proposing as it is within ease of access for all bus routes for local neighbouring children to get to the facility safely, thus serving the local communities of Brierley Hill, Quarry Bank, Cradley Heath, Dudley Stourbridge etc.
    Our aim is to establish this skate park as an area for kids to come and have some fun and enjoy themselves with a sport in which they love and also be involved in meeting new groups of friends along the way.
    We will be running a secure location and will make sure all kids on the premise will be looked after and are safe in there play at all times. Our Black Country area is screaming out for something like this to get the kids of the streets so parents can be in the peace of mind their children are safe and having fun!

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    we allready have one its called ideal mini!

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    Signed regardless.

    Good luck, a lot of hard work will be involved!

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