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Thread: pissed off....

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    trucks to put the bearings back in afterwards as well just put on bearing on the axel then push the wheel down on top of it till its in do on both sides ,...

    when i was younger i thought there was one bearing in each wheel turns out theres 2.

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    Acme once made wheels that only had one bearing.

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    didn't santa cruz do some too?

    or formula one?
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    my balls were tingling for beiber.

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    As an experiment, I just poured some vodka (echinacea tincture is higher percentage but would probably leave a bigger residue, and is far more expensive) over one of my fucked bearings and now it goes ZOOM.

    Maybe it'll catch fire and explode when I next bomb a hill? I hope so.

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    put the old bearing back in and just keep skatin the old bearings if they work!!

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    ok tah

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    Quote Originally Posted by buildafire View Post
    Leave them in the sink overnight, with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

    In the morning, the bearings will have slipped out, so pop them in the microwave to dry them out.
    that advice is perfect except for the last part. if you want to dry out any mechanical goods that have got wet, pop it in a cup of rice. rice attracts moisture like a magnet

    works like a charm on mobile phones that may have accidentally been dropped in toilets

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