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Thread: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    A true friend of 20 years, one that will be deeply missed. He was an infectious guy that i'm proud to call my friend. reading all the comments on forums and websites it really drives it home for me, what a great man he was.

    my Nando's soldier, always down for chicken. the first member of Gentlemen's club and the reason i have too many Nike's.

    miss you Bing...much love

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Can't believe it such a great bloke always remember the laughs we had when he came to Leeds or I went to boro to swap stock. For those that didn't know him you've missed a gem for those that did I'm sure you'll agree he'll be missed if only for that great laugh he had. Top bloke one of the best.

    Not going to put R.I.P because I'm sure he'll be up there finding something to skate and not want any peace. I'm sure he's looking down at us now right now and thinking silly bastards cheer up.

    Long Live Bingo
    Bradford Massive

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Couldn't believe seeing this news on a blog earlier on. One of the most convivial and dedicated skateboarders i've ever been lucky enough to meet. Condolences to all his family and friends.

    RIP Bingo.

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Didn't know him apart from being on here, but he is clearly an incredible influence and ambassador of skateboarding and will be greatly missed by all.

    Straight lurking since 05'

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    Since being 14 years old I have always thought that Bingo was the nicest guy. Remember ringing the shop all the time and talking for hours, being blown away by how much he loved skateboarding. I can honestly say in my eight or so years of skating have I ever met someone who loved it as much as him, and I dont think I ever will. He was the best person for advice. It was only three weeks ago that I was skating five bridges with him. Did not get any skating done that day just taked with Bingo about Neil Urwin footage, my tiny hands and Nandos. If love skating just a 10th of what Bingo did when I'm in my mid 30's then I will be so proud of myself. Hopefully he is tearing it up at the E.M.B replica they have in heaven as I type this. Thank for the inspiration and being the coolest guy I ever knew.
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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Mental news. I received an invite to the send off jam on Facebook, yesterday it must have been. Too wrapped up in all my own stuff, I never read it. I just thought what, Bingo's moving?? It didn't make much sense, I guess I figured he was off to bring the skate scene together in Dubai or somewhere.. until I started getting messages today.

    I never knew him well. He was just the guy who was always there, everywhere I went. Always a smile and a hello. Always helping people out. Always with an infectious enthusiasm for skateboarding. And not once have I seen him skate..

    Very sad. For skateboarding. But most of all, my thoughts go out to those who knew him best.

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    also only knew him at steve75 on here, had no idea how much he had done for the scene and the influence he has had on so many people. lovely to read all these great stories and send offs. Rest in peace
    Trust me I'm a stomach

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    He is amazing, but aesthetically that hair is not pleasing to me.

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Our loss heavens gain Cheers mate Thnx for everything Ride In Paradise X

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    One my most unfadeable friends and one of the few people that knew what was truly up in British Skateboarding. Until I see you again my Nandos munching friend...we'll take down a whole chicken together. Rest in Peace Bingo.

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    Thank you for the advice and laughter
    Shine on Bingo


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    Bingo you were as everyone says a true genteleman..... Im deeply shocked about your passing and know your in skate heaven skating the perfect spot...
    Rest in peace my friend. The best guy ever....

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    what can I say that hasn't already been said? Bingo was always the same - laughing and talking about the skate scene which he obviously loved.

    One of the few people who genuinely understood the skate industry and navigated graciously through it.

    Awesome dude and a great representitive of the North East skate scene.

    Very sad to hear the news.

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    A great loss. Rest in peace.

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    i met binky through skateboarding .. I hadn't been skating long when we heard about a kid who was skating some of the carparks in was binky he was 13.i liked him straight away.we started skating spots around town meeting most nights reguardless of the weather.We still talked of a boxing day when it was so foggy we couldn't see eachother either side of the carpark,I remember when he started selling skate gear from the back of his car, he had a knack of knowing who would buy certain items and always did a good deal.binky loved the family thing...he didn't just embrace the people he met he embraced our whole families,our girlfriends, wifes and kids. he loved the idea of family and we were all part of his as he was of ours. I'm sure wherever you are they already like you mate whats not to like eh..... i'm sure we will meet again mate ,i'm hoping that the person who skates through the fog is you with a big chinned grin to welcome me... i'll bring the haribo that was always my end of the bargain...big love to you my friend x x

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    Some many years ago 15 or 20 I forget, Id started skating in Darlington instead of my usual Durham group. I was pretty much skating by myself, Bing saw this asked if anybody knew who I was (they didn't) and made his way straight over and introduced himself. Not only did he say who he was but made sure he stuck with me the rest of the night and told me when he was about if I wanted to hang out and skate pretty much every night of the week.

    That above paragraph sums the guy up better than any page by page account of the many years Ive been lucky enough to call him a friend.

    Rest in Peace my friend

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