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Thread: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

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    Via Sam Ashley.
    One for the wall...

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    It's been 6 years today. So much has happened in that time I wish Bingo could of been here for. Like having two children just for a start.

    No big jam just a few friends remembering last night, skating.

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Huge loss... R.I.P.
    Be yourself

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    Default Re: Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks

    Was watching Death Skateboards' Ordinary Madness video last night. I really loved that they started the video with a tribute to him. He contributed so much to the UK skate scene. R.I.P.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattgilbert View Post
    Let's hope these are not just drunken ramblings. Funny as it was, I'd be much happier if bumwin stopped telling people he was going to kill them. Good on you son.

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