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Thread: In the news today thread.

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    Anyone surprised by the lack of media coverage of Erdogan's security detail kicking the shite out of peaceful protesters? the US police were helping! hahaha fuck me.
    There's barely a mention in most news sources. Can you imagine if Ukrainian protesters were set upon by Putin's security guard? the internet would be going mencap and the BBC and CNN would be calling for pillory stocks for the perps.
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    oh god the state of this

    swear down the tory manifesto could promise that theresa may will come to your mum's house personally, confiscate her blouse and kill the rest of your family with it, then slice their necks and fill a super soaker cps 2000 with their blood before spraying you in the face with it all and the gaggle of cunts that populate most of this rainy shithole would still vote for the fucking cow
    reverb on the naan. come test

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    Ah, she loves knowing what you're doing ... Mrs Snoopers charter. You'll have to get permission to call your Gran on a Sunday to see how she is soon.

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