I made a Newcastle scene video in 2010 called 'Pigs In Wigs' (I know it's shit name), anyway it's been out for ages so I thought I might aswell stick it online. There are a lot of sections but if you have the time have a gander. Mischief also have a section which was filmed and edited by North East legend Bingo.
If the start of everyone's section doesn't make sense it's because there was a long intro which I didn't upload as it has no skating.

Intro/Friends section

Dan Main

Jamie Adair/Adam Thirtle

Chris Rose

Tom fone

Friend section 2

Will Creswick and 'Ghetto' Sean

Mischief Section (Filmed/Edited by Bingo)

Empty Life Crew

Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson

David Hopper

Kurt Mitchell

Matty Smith

Credits/Bonus Section