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Thread: Mysterious New Skateboard Company

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    Lovely stuff, thanks all. Have had a Cafe board and was pleased with that.

    Trigger pulled on a Lynn. Hopefully contributing a little something towards his freewheeling lifestyle and BS no-comply tailslides in the process.

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    Skating a National board right now. They're pressed by HLC so same wood as Jart, Cafe and I imagine a good portion of shop decks in this country. Much prefer their high concave to low and they're 8.375" feels like it has a slightly longer wheelbase than other brands in the same size. The Syd Barrett graphic from a couple of years back is one of my favourite boards I've ever owned.

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    National are probably one of the only companies I see who actually state the concave on their boards. I like this a lot.

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    if you didn't buy at least 4 boards and 2 sets of wheels in the recent descent sale you've blown it
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