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Thread: The Conhuir Lynn Mixtape.

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    Default Re: The Conhuir Lynn Mixtape.

    Quote Originally Posted by InPraiseOfIdleness View Post
    Slave innit?

    I thought he was supposed to go to america and blow up, but a bad knee isn't going to help.

    That edit was rad
    he went to america a year or 2 ago - came home after 3 months with a new part filmed and a bunch of new sponsors.
    quietly killing it.

    his $lave ad in the Sidewalk buyers guide was a photo from that trip.
    its impressive.

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    Default Re: The Conhuir Lynn Mixtape.

    Oh right....I read Corpse hands bit about the 'early days of $lave' to mean he didn't ride for them any more for some weird reason.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
    Unnamed skateboard companies, patios, Alan Shearer, Ric Flair, Palace, patios again, Scrooge McDuck, Jimmy Saville and a Jack the Ripper conspiracy, proper use of apostrophes, Stu Forder, anon's short Mills & Boon writing career, Rye wanking in a cupboard, repressed freestylers and finally Les Zeppelin's short intro to a romance novel.

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