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Thread: Continually Updated Interview Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
    What's this?
    I was told the story of him watching/filming Sanch do the (first ever?) fakie 5.0 fakie flip out.
    Kinda all the things you'd expect - about how it was inconceivable that it was possible at first.
    How fast Sanch was going whilst basically trying to invent a really hard trick etc.
    Then seeing the Terminator graphic rotating in slow-motion (but in real time) as he watched him finally land it.

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    Ha, that's good. and hence Sanch's terminator blind slick graphic.
    Get down with your bad self

    Steve Binks 1975-2011. RIP.

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    He's a proper kook on social media but some good stuff in this, can't deny he is a legend

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