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Thread: Game Of Thrones

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    Part of me thinks I should watch this show. Might leave it for winter time.

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    Winter is coming
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    Quote Originally Posted by hugo View Post
    Winter is coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugo View Post
    Winter is coming
    you obv haven't checked your white raven inbox today
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    That music has stayed with me since Monday night, very haunting and utterly brilliant. Fits the mood of the country falling into chaos.

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    The only thing that bugged me about the last episode was Davos going mental at Melisandre. I know he found that little statue that belonged to the Stannis's daughter, but he had loads of time to go mental at her before then. Just seemed weird, did i miss something? She DID work her magic with John Snow?

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    The passing of time is sometimes an afterthought here I think, or at least a comprehensible showing of it. Varis seemed to pretty much teleport to Dorne and back in the last episode.

    Apparently they cut a much grimmer scene with the mountain and the religious lady.

    Showrunners have confirmed that there's 14 episodes left in total. One season long season would be nice but I suspect it'll be two short ones with a year between them.

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    game on!

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