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Thread: Is the Workshop dead?

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    Default Re: Is the Workshop dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by buildafire View Post
    As a mod, I'm privileged to see the absolute genius that Andy Smoke posts late at night, even after he's changed his mind and deleted it.

    Absolutely superb, Smoke.

    Ha ha

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    Default Re: Is the Workshop dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by anonymity View Post
    I'm out.

    This is so far from the real Alien Workshop that it doesn't even dent the legacy, so that's a big thing.

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    Default Re: Is the Workshop dead?

    heh, sorry for the tease - it needed a little reworking

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    Default Re: Is the Workshop dead?

    Preferred the original one.

    Both are brilliant anyway! Thumbs up.
    360 flip your face rainbow

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