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Thread: Is the Workshop dead?

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    More Habitat stuff on Jenkem. Interview and the same vid as on Transworld but they uploaded it in HD rather than 240p. lol

    lol at Dill

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    Dyrdek's such an odd character, don't really like him much but I have a lot of respect for this.

    How did you personally find out Alien and Habitat were getting dropped?
    It was a Friday, and Pacific Vector just couldn’t meet payroll. They had to pay everyone and there was no money in the account, so they didn’t pay us and were going to lay everyone off. No more money. Something that was really rad was Dyrdek stepped in and helped us out and personally paid everyone their last check.

    The companies were in debt and Pacific Vector owned the intellectual property of the brands. Rob Dyrdek paid off the debt the companies had accumulated in order to get the brands out of Pacific Vector. It’s pretty gnarly, Pacific Vector owned the majority of them and could have kept the Intellectual Property and took Alien Workshop & Habitat and sold it to Kohls or Wal-Mart or whatever. So Rob stepped in, paid the debt the companies had accumulated and saved the brand names. He did what he had to do to keep it going.

    How much were the companies in debt do you think? How much did Rob Dyrdek have to pay to save them?
    I think it was a million… The company was around a million in debt.
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    Stoked on this! Amazing that the whole team stood by Castrucci and the brand. That interview gives me hope that my beloved Workshop can also go on... Hope Habitat stick to PS Stix, theirs/Workshop's boards had the best shape and the wood is great.

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