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Thread: Is the Workshop dead?

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    Default Re: Is the Workshop dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by local filth View Post
    Stoked on what? That looks like it could be from any year. No amazing graphics, no team.
    habitat is much, much better right now.
    Im stoked on the new graphics. I'm particularly stoked on the red 'Mock Death' deck. I'm stoked on the classic graphic re-issues. I'm really fucking stoked on the blue stain 'Visitor' graphic as its my favourite graphic ever and I wasn't able to get hold of one before they shut down. I'm stoked on the psyops tee, the psyops hoodie because I could do with a new hoodie. Finally, I'm stoked on the pin badges because I really like enamel badges. Any more explanation of what I'm stoked on necessary?

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    Default Re: Is the Workshop dead?

    I quite like a couple of those. The 'Spy' graphic is very 'Brain Wash' like - which I also quite liked.

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