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    Exclamation (Youtube) New concept of skate videos, country vs country


    I started a new concept of videos on Youtube.

    I take 2 skaters from different countries and they have to do 8 different tricks

    First match is SWITZERLAND VS FRANCE

    Please tell me what you think about the concept and the video !

    If you want to participate theres all the information at the end of the video.

    Please share and subscribe if you like it !

    Have a nice day and keep skaaaaating !

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    Default Re: (Youtube) New concept of skate videos, country vs country

    Skateboarding's Eurovision.

    I cherish your sense of humour.
    "There are people in skateboarding whose views and backgrounds differ from mine, but I appreciate that they’re a part of it because that’s what keeps skating so diverse and not just some homogenized bullshit. More opinions, more girls, more homosexuality, more global representation." Ryan Lay

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    Default Re: (Youtube) New concept of skate videos, country vs country

    Cool concept !

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    Default Re: (Youtube) New concept of skate videos, country vs country

    How does each nation's participant get nominated? Are there regional heats? Who judges the heats? I'd hate it if somebody without pressure flips was sent forth to represent my country.

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    Default Re: (Youtube) New concept of skate videos, country vs country

    In this video both participants are my friends. For the upcoming match it can be anybody who send me his clips and has decent level !

    Thanks for almost 1k views !

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