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Thread: 'Why I love skateboarding' - Guardian article

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    Default 'Why I love skateboarding' - Guardian article

    Refreshingly positive this one - even the comments....

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    Default Re: 'Why I love skateboarding' - Guardian article

    Quote Originally Posted by anonymity View Post
    Refreshingly positive this one - even the comments....
    "Nice piece, I didn't start skating til I was 18 so never got many tricks dialled and moved to a longboard."

    But yeah, looks legit. Is skateboarding still cool? I thought everybody got into football and festivals after the Selfridges/HTC carry on.

    A proper picture wouldn't have gone amiss, but maybe they had to use whatever Getty Images the Guardian are allowed to. Still, Bilbo Braggins will be raging.

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    Default Re: 'Why I love skateboarding' - Guardian article

    A request to skateboarders everywhere: When some contrarian cunt comes along and starts spouting their usual piss dribble about things that they don't understand (because believe me...they will come along soon enough), please don't make an account and start hounding them and calling him a fetid little cuntbubble who should have been killed with the claw end of a hammer at birth or something. I think that this might be the most positive article about skateboarding in the history of our entire civilization and I'd love it to stay that way...

    ...Or just razz them up creatively and absolutely crush them with logic.

    Either way.
    Stoked on this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
    Unnamed skateboard companies, patios, Alan Shearer, Ric Flair, Palace, patios again, Scrooge McDuck, Jimmy Saville and a Jack the Ripper conspiracy, proper use of apostrophes, Stu Forder, anon's short Mills & Boon writing career, Rye wanking in a cupboard, repressed freestylers and finally Les Zeppelin's short intro to a romance novel.

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    Default Re: 'Why I love skateboarding' - Guardian article

    Don't assume what that video contained Les. Watch it all the way through and then dislike it.

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