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Thread: New Board Graphics You Like

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    Default Re: New Board Graphics You Like

    Skating the one in the centre at the moment, it's well weapon.

    Skated MN's photo / board graphic collaboration with Science a few months back, dope -

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    Default Re: New Board Graphics You Like

    Quote Originally Posted by françois View Post
    Cliché died when Brezinski got on.

    Really liking the new Isle stuff.

    Really like Leo Valls's new Cityscape board. Skating this at the moment and love it, reminds me of some of the old Stereo stuff:

    Talking about Stereo, this is dope:

    That entire Stereo Swiss Modernist series was bad-ass. Most of the time, their Classics series graphics are on point, like those Dollar Bin graphics and most of their artist series, but the ones for their "regular pros" are generally shit. And I like Stereo for the most part.

    Cliche didn't quite die with Brezinski joining them, just it seems way more watered down from the Europa & Bon Appetit days.

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    Default Re: New Board Graphics You Like

    Yeah, that whole Swiss series was lovely!

    I meant Cliché died in my eyes. I was sooo into it during the first ten years of it existence, it was really refreshing to see banging skateboarding shot in Lyon, Geneva and on spots that I actually skate. That whole thing that made it unique died when they took it to the States in order to make it a bigger yet more generic company.

    Any clip of Jan Kliewer hypes me more than Daniel Espinoza's whole career.
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    Default Re: New Board Graphics You Like

    Western Edition put out my favourite graphics, i love Ian Johnsons drawings.

    Check out their archives HERE

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