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Thread: New Board Graphics You Like

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    Quote Originally Posted by floor odoriser View Post
    cheers for the info fellas! will look into it

    ciaran: funny you should mention that. used to drink with a weegie lad who could down stella and numbers all day, every day. but couple of pints of blonde bier and he would spark out in his seat, full-on narcolepsy
    Yep, I know that feeling. Happens more with Hoegaarden as there more of it, but generally it puts the brakes on a night out if I drink a large bottle before going out, probably something to do with the wheat/yeast/gluten content.

    Give the Franziskaner/Weihenstephaner/Schofferhoffer/similar thick Deutsche Weissbier bottle a gentle roll before you pour it to mix up the yeast through the beer, otherwise you get a big gloopy blob like shit instant soup at the end.

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    Default Re: New Board Graphics You Like

    i like these from Politic.

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    Default Re: New Board Graphics You Like

    Glad they dropped the owl and the triangle, those are rad. Very Alternative Tentacles.

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    Really liking those, they remind me of Fernando Elvira's work and the early Cliché stuff.

    More here.
    360 flip your face rainbow

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    That's rad

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