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Thread: Pointless topics...

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    *can't tell if serious or is sly dig at Indy love/MAS mindstate
    *but agrees anyway

    edit: @build

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    Thunder lol.

    Indy Low Hollow for me. Lovely.

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    Indy stickers do make any set up much better.
    I hardly ever put stickers on my boards these days though: the doper the sticker job is, the quicker the board will snap.
    I still wish I was on some kind of local Indy sticker flow team.

    139 hollows with risers for me. Need them risers, I'm a big guy and would get wheelbite all the time if I didn't have them.
    And I want a set of those new 144s for my midlife set up (square shape, 8.25, with wider than usual Spit Classics).
    "There are people in skateboarding whose views and backgrounds differ from mine, but I appreciate that they’re a part of it because that’s what keeps skating so diverse and not just some homogenized bullshit. More opinions, more girls, more homosexuality, more global representation." Ryan Lay

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    My dad just text me a picture of a car with the caption 'your car!'

    He then text me 20 seconds later saying 'sorry, not your car'.

    For 20 seconds I finally had my own car. It was lovely.
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    Unnamed skateboard companies, patios, Alan Shearer, Ric Flair, Palace, patios again, Scrooge McDuck, Jimmy Saville and a Jack the Ripper conspiracy, proper use of apostrophes, Stu Forder, anon's short Mills & Boon writing career, Rye wanking in a cupboard, repressed freestylers and finally Les Zeppelin's short intro to a romance novel.

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    Is there a boxing thread? Google didn't find it. Anyway, the longer this McGregor - Mayweather saga drags on the less I think it will happen, regardless of what Dana White claims. McGregor would be absolutely destroyed in a boxing match, it seems insane that it's ever even been put forward as an option. Having said that, I'd probably pay to watch it. Money drives these things so who knows, if enough people would stump up maybe it will happen. The trash talk was entertaining for a while, can't decide whether or not it still is.

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