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Thread: Mushroom Season.

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    Default Mushroom Season.

    Would be rude not to post this!

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    Default Re: Mushroom Season.

    Nice. Rab was foraging today.

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    Default Re: Mushroom Season.

    Did he have any joy? It's still really warm in Devon. People have been having luck on the moorlands
    but near me, which happens to be farmland....not a morcil! Other species are about but certainly not in abundance.
    Im hoping it will pick up. Gunna treat them with the upmost respect 4 sure.....if i get any.

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    Default Re: Mushroom Season.

    Do you think it's a good idea taking mushrooms? Please be careful.
    Quote Originally Posted by weed View Post
    im not a racist you just look like a potato

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    Default Re: Mushroom Season.

    I know they are not somthing to be toyed with, havn't taken any trips since I was 13.
    Had some good experiences back then with the right people but did a load at a park
    at the top of town where all the posh school kids used to chill. Did them with the wrong person
    and the "normal kids" who wernt trippin were all laffing at me whilst i came up and I burst into tears.
    Was so traumatik, had an older friend who didn't go to posh school come and save me. That was nice of him to do.

    If you have a good trip it's proven to provide one with a feeling of wellbeing for weeks, even months after the experience.
    Also, micro-dosing liberty caps is, just as, if not more effective than man made anti-depressants.
    I'll be munching like 20 odd, wait and see if its a good vibe then bosh some more.

    EDIT: To be honest, I specificly remembering that I was a tranny whilst I was coming up. That's what set off my bad trip.
    I've told everyone im a tranny now.....when I was 13 no one knew apart from me. Horrible.

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