hi all,
as some of you may or may not know the skate park in Kingswood Bristol
used to have a some what ok skate park with a nice mini ramp everyone used to enjoy until it fell into disrepair as may parks around here do .
one of my friends as been working hard to get the skate park rebuilt and restored to its former glory maybe even better after one of his good friends who rode the park passed away in a road traffic accident .
he has worked on this project for a few years unfortunately the last contract made a complete balls up of the park as what happens when the council tender out to companies who have no clue I feel bad for him as this was out of his hands thanks to the council .
after this happened he decided to take it into his own hands and contact wheelscape after a few meetings with the council they have agreed to let him do this .
although the only problem now is funding which has become harder and harder to find with all the government cuts .
I was wondering if anyone here had any good ideas on where to go for funding and any ideas for fund raising
any help would be very appreciated .
he doesn't know that I'm doing this but I wanted to help him in anyway I can as currently the park sucks and he gets a lot of flack from users for it when it wasn't even his fault the contractors and council messed it up so bad after all his hard work .
here is a link to a recent post about the park so you can see what it looks like .