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Thread: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe

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    Default Re: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe

    Good Skater...check
    Good company...check
    Good footage...check
    Good soundtrack...check

    Win Win.

    Loved Skate Cafe stuff for a while now. Glad they survive.
    Skating on roids + Lance Mountain swearing and talking about how fit he is?? Really weird

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    Default Re: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe

    Still bonkers 4 years later.

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    Default Re: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe

    Quote Originally Posted by anonymity View Post
    Still bonkers 4 years later.

    Click the photo, it takes you to a rad article.
    'Hi I'm Dom Henry, the guy that doesn't exist' is one of my favourite article quotes of all time.

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