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Thread: The mental health thread.

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    Default The mental health thread.

    Hi all,

    This is a very weird thing for me to write but here goes...

    2 days ago i had what is best described as a "mental health emergency". I won't go I to why, because at this point it's not even important. My brain was just fucked up.

    Thankfully nothing happened. I wasn't drunk enough, the bridge wasn't high enough, and I stopped at one point and accidentally imagined all the people that I love as they were hearing about the news. So I got on the train, sobered up and got an emergency GP appointment the next day.

    A couple of days later, feeling a bit weird, on edge and sleepy as hell from SSRIs but I can't describe how relieved I am that I didn't commit. (Although going in to work today wasn't much fun).

    I don't really know what I'm expecting to achieve in this post but I don't think it's right to stay quiet about these things. I don't think Facebook is the right place, and this place is only semi-anonymous but you're all like-minded folk and I get you.

    I reckon I've got a bit of a handle on how life works, and I'm sure days like 13/03/18 will come around again. So I like to think that when that happens, I'll think about the feeling of utter relief I felt looking back on the 15/03/18, and realise that you can get past these things, even if only for a bit. Hopefully this will strike a chord with anyone else that might be in a similar boat.

    I'm willing to wager that more than a handful of you fine people have faced similar battles in your lives, and I want you to know that it can get better, and even some random weirdo on the Internet can give a shit about you. And though I don't post on here much any more, that Not Stoked thread can be fucking cathartic, it's good to vent. Any of you fellas can PM me if you ever want to talk anything through. I don't know how much I can help but I'll try.

    I've lurked here a while, probably said some mean shit to a lot of you in an attempt to get a cheap laugh, had some genuine disagreements with people, been judgemental and made complicated topics into binary arguments. I hope I've never negatively affected anyone in real life. I hope none of you will hold that against me if I have.

    I don't skate any more, haven't even watched a skate vid for ages. But I still love all you wonderful cunts.

    What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Sharing this kind of stuff helps to normalise it. So bravo to you for being brave enough to make this post.

    It's way too early in the morning here for me to have anything worthwhile to add, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing for now.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    I think with these things just letting it out into the open is a big step, even though you say you don't skate anymore if you ever want to have a break you're more than welcome to come and stay with me, we live in a nice little cottage on a farm in Devon with a private indoor ramp a few miles down the road.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Thanks for sharing man. Talking about it helps, both yourself, but also other people who are going through similar things. I don't know what meaningful thing to say other than glad things turned out ok for you and that, as bad as things seem. There's always a good chance things will get better.

    While not to the level of your struggles, ive had my own issues with anxiety this past 18 months. After a course of CBT last year, frequent mindfulness and most importantly time, I can feel myself getting back on the right path.

    I guess im just echoing your sentiment for other people that it's true, you can get past these things.
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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Man I rate you so much for posting this. <3

    hopr you’re resting up and doing good. Positive vibes going your way

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Thanks for posting. I think having/starting conversations about mental health is very important and helps to demonstrate to people that they're not alone.

    I feel like there are loads of pressures on people at the minute - the economy's jacked, the chances of having a career you care about are limited, relationships feel hard to maintain etc. - and that these pressures are particularly accute for young(ish) people. Things do feel helpless at times.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    If it helps you can come and work with me again in London, have a job with your name on it and life was good back then!
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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by InPraiseOfIdleness View Post

    I don't think it's right to stay quiet about these things. I don't think Facebook is the right place
    100% with you on those two points and well done for posting.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Huge respect to you for posting Idle.

    You're definitely not alone either - plenty of people will be able to empathize with that situation (myself included).
    Really glad that you're okay though.

    You are a part of this community forever too mate - always welcome.
    Big up and best wishes x

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Yeah respect due. Hope you continue to improve... I like the semi anonymity of this place too. I'm sure you'll get support here if that helps in any way.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    As has been said already, respect for posting this - talking about it does help.

    It's a cliché, I know, but time does heal.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Just sent you a message mate. I hope you are OK.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Also - we don't see each other that much as you live on the other side of the country at the moment - but you're one of my best friends and I'm glad you're OK. I'll come up and see you soon.

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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    I'm stoked you're still here, IPoI. Proud you came through it and much respect for coming on here and sharing it with us. I know it may not mean much, as I don't think we've crossed paths in person, but you and all the rest of you on here mean something to me. However tenuous it may seem, I actually care about your worlds. We all have our arguments getting caught in the moment about music, skating and all the other shit - which all seems so trivial in reflection, but deep down I genuinely think you're all pretty rad people and I feel compelled to check in here and see what you're all up to. It'd be odd us spending so much time here, devoting our thoughts and ideas, pains and successes, and yet not feeling part of a community.

    E-hugs, e-knucks but no e-cigs.
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    Default Re: The mental health thread.

    Just want to say that it takes guts to start the conversation about mental health and it's something that we need to be more mindful of as a society. I hope you're feeling a bit better than a couple of days ago. I know I've had my own difficulties and it's definitely helpful to bear in mind that things can and do improve and that there are always people (and services) you can ask for help from if you're feeling low. All the best

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