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Thread: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

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    Default Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    These two have popped in the last week down here in Taunton. They should be fully cladded and finished by the beginning of next week.

    Possibly the most mellow mini that's ever been built (4ft with a 5ft extension) and a some what 80's vert (12ft.) Something for you vertburgers out there! I wasn't initially that keen on the idea but hopefully it'll bring about something different than the concrete parks that seem to dominate the new park build scene.

    Hudson Way, Staplegrove, Taunton, TA2 6UP

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    The miniramp reminds me of the indoor vert ramp at Hayes that they cut down to make the worlds worst miniramp ever. Well it will be fun for manual roll shenanigans.

    Rad to see a council vert ramp go up!

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    holy shit that thing looks like a beast, will have to do a mission from bristol

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    Oh my. I don't think I've got the plums for the vert but I'll be sure to check out that mini. Give me a shout if you're heading down anytime soon, I'm fairly local to there from work in the evenings.

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    give it a week before some scooter kid tries to drop the vert sparks himself out and parents cause outrage at the council bye bye vert

    indoor park up here removed coping from a mini cos scooters kept hanging up on it

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    This miniramp looks fantastic!
    "There are people in skateboarding whose views and backgrounds differ from mine, but I appreciate that they’re a part of it because that’s what keeps skating so diverse and not just some homogenized bullshit. More opinions, more girls, more homosexuality, more global representation." Ryan Lay

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    Agreed. Dream mini.

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    Default Re: Taunton - It's a bloody vert ramp!

    That mini looks incredible

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