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Thread: Whats happening with Anti Hero?

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    Default Re: Whats happening with Anti Hero?

    Quote Originally Posted by Haven_Hamilton View Post
    Nike & Supreme collabs are the antithesis of what they were origianlly about imo.
    I agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by methamphetamine View Post
    Hahaha, yes! Got it stuck in mind now.
    "There are people in skateboarding whose views and backgrounds differ from mine, but I appreciate that they’re a part of it because that’s what keeps skating so diverse and not just some homogenized bullshit. More opinions, more girls, more homosexuality, more global representation." Ryan Lay

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    Default Re: Whats happening with Anti Hero?

    Thread shutdown from Meth

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    Default Re: Whats happening with Anti Hero?

    Quote Originally Posted by neddington12 View Post

    I don't understand Skateboarding anymore.
    Trust me I'm a stomach

    Quote Originally Posted by skateharrogate View Post
    He is amazing, but aesthetically that hair is not pleasing to me.

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