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Thread: Christmas Ideas

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    Default Christmas Ideas

    I fucking hate shopping.

    What are you getting your mrs/fella/partner/pet?

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    Default Re: Christmas Ideas

    Random one, but the upstairs shop in the Royal Academy of Arts is a rad place for gifts. I picked up a few things there for people this year - including these sort of Mark Rothko (but not Rothko) style mini soap bars which smell really nice and just look really classy. Think it was only £12 too and they come in a nice box.

    Food gifts are always good too. I'm hoping this will go down well
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    Default Re: Christmas Ideas

    just get a bunch of good shit from muji. useful, inexpensive but not proper cheap, nice. if you have money to burn, hit up diptyque

    i am alone this xmas so i'm running away to japan and swerving this gift gubbins all together this year. kfc bucket for one pls
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    Default Re: Christmas Ideas

    Spa day is always good. But got to make sure it's a decent one and organise transport there/back and preferably with one of her mates with prosecco on arrival so she does fuck all and gets to natter all day
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    Default Re: Christmas Ideas

    me and my missus only buy each other one present, max 20 quid, cant see the point. if i want something i buy it, im not into flash stuff or anyhting that expensive so thats just how it is, id rather put money towardsa holiday or something. i know mates and people at work who spend hundreds, and their partners expect it like the more you spend the more you care. fine if you can afford it whatever but most of the time it goes on cards etc. demented really.

    wifes sister is the same with her husband. they do exactly that and they dont have a pot to piss in, she borrowed money to get him a ps4 last year but is still driving round in a car with a caved in door because they cant afford to get it fixed.

    Christmas really does make people act like spazzes

    edit. not knocking people who do it, it just makes no sense to me. christmas is expensive enough on the average household buying for kids, family etc without buying each other expensive stuff

    good way i do it for family is;
    something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.
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    Default Re: Christmas Ideas

    I got a relatively small family and no partner so all i gotta buy for is my ma and nan and that usually comes down to alcohol for the both of them though this year i got my ma some adidas gazelles to stop her wearing my trainers (which are a full size and a half bigger than her) and a decent outdoor jacket from trespass (dalton park outlet coming through with the deals) and some other basic shit just like dressing gowns and beauty products etc.

    ain't asked for shit either but my nans going on about how my ma's spent a fortune on me and i'm just like how/why - i mean don't get me wrong i'm appreciative for whatever i get but i'd rather her save her money or stay out of debt on cards etc.

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