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Thread: Endemic for Sale?

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    Never bought anything off Endemic, sorry. Been lucky to have two great SOS (Mischief and Legacy), so never really had to look elsewhere. Off out for Christmas food and drinks next week, it’s more than a shop it’s a social hub to meet up and have a laugh. The more you hang out in your SOS the better connected you get to the scene.

    More gets sorted in the shop still just hanging out, than all the group chats we’re on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conway Twitty's BMX View Post
    Sounds crazy, but just make sure you buy all your hardware in-store at your local and that is really all you need to do. Most small local stores could survive with that kind of boost. It's your choice what you do with your own money, and your spending power helps to build the world you live in. Spend money online, get more online businesses and lose bricks and mortar businesses. Your choice.

    Personally I think it is more fun to buy your skateboard at a skate shop where you can stand on it, ask the staff about the boards, what people are saying, and of course get it gripped. I know a lot of people feel a bit embarassed about being skateboarders and like to get their deck shipped to their house in plain packaging so they can set it up in private and only shuffle it out to the boot of the car under cover of darkness...but you guys need to get over it.

    Go to your local skate shop this weekend.
    unfortunatley easier said than done. My old local SOS is now 40 miles away, but I still buy my boards from them l, and make a trip to Exeter to do so, but virtually everyone else in the area buys online, despite the SOS stocking the same brands it comes down to price, people want to ride a polar board, but don’t want to pay top whack for it.

    On a side note, The boarding house’s latest skatepark redevelopment has just reopened, Built by Maverick. If you in the Exeter area Exeter Arena is a must.

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