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Thread: Hackney Bumps - revamp hopes..

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    Default Hackney Bumps - revamp hopes..

    Hello all...

    A group of us local skaters want to approach Hackney council to put forward the idea of renovating this underused, 1980s skatepark - Hackney Bumps. It's an impressive looking relic, with mogul bumps up to 7ft high, but the skatepark is hardly used at all.

    We think it would be sick if something like the renovation of Stockwell skatepark in Brixton could be done - keep and resurface the original structure, but also add transitions to help the flow, lips, ledges etc. But for now we just want to put the idea out there, talk to people and get ideas and feedback.

    We're going to have a meet-up next week somewhere in Hackney, if you want to come along info will be on our insta - give us a shout @hackneybumps

    For now it'd be helpful if you can follow us on instagram, spread the word with skaters, bmx, Hackney locals, help the youth activist types - When we approach the council the more interest there is the better.

    Nice one! Greg

    chill, good things happen to bad people.

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    Default Re: Hackney Bumps - revamp hopes..

    Skated this back in the early 90s on tiny wheels and it was hard work. Could be rad though, worth saving!

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    Default Re: Hackney Bumps - revamp hopes..

    Thumbs up, never skated it but would like to.

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    Default Re: Hackney Bumps - revamp hopes..

    They look great fun. I bet their solid to get stuff on though.

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    Default Re: Hackney Bumps - revamp hopes..

    its near hackney marshes famous crop circles, off homerton high street, or behind clapton just before the canal. skated it a couple of times when i lived near there years ago, good luck with the project
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