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    I play Skate 3 every damn day. Maybe Nike can plough some of their cash into a new Skate game

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    Quote Originally Posted by raystar View Post
    Yep, great game if youve got a spare few months....i'd say a minimum of 2 hours per sitting......not straight forward either...theyve not made it easy if you havent played the series before

    When are EA bringing out a new Skate? Or is that dead now?
    Would love a new Skate, I still rinse Skate 3. It wouldn't even need to be a massive redesign, just Skate 3 with new maps and a few tweaks.

    Last time I checked on the EA instagram, every comment was 'make Skate 4'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugo View Post
    I downloaded fortnite but not played it yet, is it good? Does it cost money to be good at it?
    Very steep learning curve and punishing at times but it's great to play with friends. So far I think micro transactions are only cosmetic. It's a good idea to watch Ninja or Gigz on twitch to see how it's done
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    new skateboarding game called 'session' got trailered at e3 last night

    This actually looks pretty promising. theres some gameplay online of early shit sent to streamers/playtesters that looks really good too (more so than the trailer). if the controls are basically identical to skate 3 it'll be great

    has anyone else been playing celeste? game of the year 2018 imo

    edited my post because i thought a hieroglyphics tune was eminem LOLLLLLL
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    reverb on the naan. come test

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    Controls are different. Left stick for left foot, right stick for right. Shoulder buttons to turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neddington12 View Post
    Controls are different. Left stick for left foot, right stick for right. Shoulder buttons to turn.
    ah cool. that doesn't sound awful actually. i found skate's controls super hard at first before realising it was perfect so hopefully this is similar in that sense
    reverb on the naan. come test

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    Bow to your THPS God.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
    Unnamed skateboard companies, patios, Alan Shearer, Ric Flair, Palace, patios again, Scrooge McDuck, Jimmy Saville and a Jack the Ripper conspiracy, proper use of apostrophes, Stu Forder, anon's short Mills & Boon writing career, Rye wanking in a cupboard, repressed freestylers and finally Les Zeppelin's short intro to a romance novel.

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    bet he can't kickflip
    Trust me I'm a stomach

    Quote Originally Posted by skateharrogate View Post
    He is amazing, but aesthetically that hair is not pleasing to me.

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