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Thread: YOUR all time, GREATEST skate shoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joxa View Post

    "we're gunna have to put the little begger down"

    Visionary stuff

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    Default Re: YOUR all time, GREATEST skate shoe.

    He told me not to tell anyone. maybe thats where my anger comes from :'(

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    Default Re: YOUR all time, GREATEST skate shoe.

    Quote Originally Posted by NOZZLEBOY View Post
    Fallen Forte.

    skateable straight out of the box
    sole lasts ages
    no bells and whistles
    Fallen Slash 2012s for me - but the 2013s have been disappointing.

    Got some more (JTs) lined up, but as i don't play out much it'll be a while before I get to those.

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    Default Re: YOUR all time, GREATEST skate shoe.

    I got a pair of those new Chief XIs and they're nowhere near as good as Fortes.
    "There are people in skateboarding whose views and backgrounds differ from mine, but I appreciate that they’re a part of it because that’s what keeps skating so diverse and not just some homogenized bullshit. More opinions, more girls, more homosexuality, more global representation." Ryan Lay

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