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Thread: random pictures

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    Kayleigh, No one has a problem with you being who you are, people have a problem with your attitude, and your online manner. You have shown you can be normal and interactive on here, it's rad to see in the fleeting moments you pull it off.

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    My brain everytime I see a little litter of Kayleigh posts:

    Quote Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
    Unnamed skateboard companies, patios, Alan Shearer, Ric Flair, Palace, patios again, Scrooge McDuck, Jimmy Saville and a Jack the Ripper conspiracy, proper use of apostrophes, Stu Forder, anon's short Mills & Boon writing career, Rye wanking in a cupboard, repressed freestylers and finally Les Zeppelin's short intro to a romance novel.

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